What I do with my Commission

After having paid my broker his fees, my team their fees, settled the the expenses of selling your home, a very generous portion of my commission goes to my fundraiser of choice. And that is…

The Community of SanPatrignano, a recovery community for troubled youth.
SanPatrignano Logo

At close of every escrow, I donate to San Patrignano, to help save a kid’s life.

You Help me Help them.

Recovery Community for troubled youth

The San Patrignano recovery community is a home for youth who have lost their way, it is a family that helps them find a life made up of  self-esteem, dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm. Since 1978 it is and continues to be unique and the best at European level, that focuses on their residents on learning a trade that can be applied and assisted from external support through online donations.

SanPatrignano Smiles

My beautiful daughter is there, too, so I cannot thank you enough!