TBD – My Sales Process

The real estate sales process can be long, frustrating and precarious, and if not approached correctly, realtors stand a very good chance of alienating future clients. However, I have worked diligently to establish a process that not only eases the complexities of selling real estate, but that ensures no key details or opportunities are missed while the deal moves as smoothly as possible.

The Evaluation

Evaluating your home is just one of a handful of very important steps in this process. In order to determine the most accurate value for your property, careful analysis is calculated, taking into consideration factors such as location, condition, size and amenities; this is all in addition to a comprehensive search of local properties comparable with your own.

Making Your Home Stand Out

Realty – especially in Los Angeles County – is nothing if not competitive, so it’s essential that a realtor positions your property in the best light possible.

Price is not always the primary reason consumers choose one product over another, and the same philosophy can be applied to home buyers; indeed, many individuals in the market for a new home are looking for very specific features, amenities or location elements, and these sometimes trump the bottom line number on a property. From our perspective, the key is to ensure that the absolute best features of your home are showcased and highlighted so the property appeals to the maximum number of prospective buyers.

Commission Allocation

Take it from a realty professional boasting years of seasoned experience: There’s more to real estate today than just hammering down a yard sign and putting up some social media posts. It takes maximum exposure to the community at large, and this means allocating commissions towards networking with local, regional and sometimes national and international platforms to provide instantaneous communication with thousands of agents and buyers – all accomplished through a multimedia marketing strategy.

The Sales and People Skills Factor

As a professional negotiator possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Business and boasting a background in the Finance and Public Relations sectors, you can rest assured knowing my “people skills” are second to none, and that I will always ensure your interests are protected while doing all I can to see that your home sells.

The Not-So-Fun Part: Fine Print and Paperwork

This is where I explain the process, terms and conditions, and while this is never the most glamorous part of a sale, I can tell you that transparency, solid communication skills and team work will make this step as buttery-smooth as possible. My team and I ensure everything checks and balances and that nothing slips through the proverbial crack, and this includes making sure all transactions are pain-free and on-schedule.