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Serata Italiana

Serata Italiana is an expert Italian language and culture program to include beginner/intermediate/advanced groups, authentic Italian settings, dinners and more.

Venice sunset, ItalyAre you in love with Italy?

  • Are you of Italian descent, yet can’t properly pronounce ‘Bruschetta’?
  • Do you travel to Italy from time to time and would like to bring your experience to the next level?
  • Are you planning to visit Italy for the first time (or perhaps move there) and need some valuable pointers and/or contacts?
  • Do you already speak Italian fairly well and want to practice and/or improve even more?

We are here to help you!


Welcome to Serata Italiana (Italian Evening)

Serata Italiana Logo

Natalie Alex Serata Italiana
Hosts Natalie Blancardi, left, and Alex Concas, right, stand in front of the Italian and American flags as they lead a toast with their students during the Serata Italiana Class and Dinner in Valencia on Thursday, 020923. Dan Watson/The Signal

Serata Italiana is an Italian Language and culture program for beginners to advanced students, featuring an authentic Italian dinner included in every class!

In addition to delicious Italian cuisine and an expert Italian language course, you’ll also receive things like Italy-related travel support, geography lessons, lifestyle facts, and more with native instructors – all while keeping the experience fun and educational!

Join us each week for fun, culture, food, and great friends as we explore this fascinating country and learn to speak Italian like a native!

It’s Fun! It’s Educational! PLUS you will mingle with awesome new friends who share your same interests!


Here are some recent photos from Serata Italiana Dinner organized by Natalie and Alex:

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